Hreinn Friðfinnsson
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The Imminence of Poetics
7 September - 9 September, 2012
30th São Paulo Biennial
São Paulo / Brazil

In his work, Hreinn Fridfinnsson blends genres such as land art, minimalism and arte povera. Having grown up in the Icelandic countryside, relatively devoid of inhabitants, his work relates to natural phenomena and the mystery of time. Fridfinnsson is interested in creating works that investigate ideas of the self and time, thus conducting manifold poetic meanings. Fridfinnsson appropriates readymade and found objects with which he interferes as little as possible, or uses leftovers from the day at the studio to constitute an impromptu sculpture. Inspired by the tales from the 1930s novel Icelandic Aristocracy by Thorbergur Thordarson, in 1974 he instigated the House Project, a laborious reconstruction of a little hut in an unpopulated area of Iceland. In several other works, documentary photographs of rural Icelandic landscapes are coupled with written anecdotes of local lore and folkloric myths. For his works on paper, Fridfinnsson has asked exhibition curators and family members to create sculptural or performative work on his behalf. Thus the two opened colored paper envelopes pointing towards each other (Correspondence, 2007) or the series of paper cones that could be used to amplify an announcement (Summer Nights, 1990) both metaphorically relate to different intensities and velocities of interpersonal communication.

Curated: Luis Pérez-Oramas