Hreinn Friðfinnsson
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Dropping by at Jón Gunnars
wood, paint, 215 x 75 cm

In 1964 I dropped by at my friends (and one of the founders of the SÚM group) house Jón Gunnar Árnason, as I frequently did during those years. At the time he was renovating his home, taking the old doors out and replacing with new ones. One of the old doors was leaning against the wall so I asked if I could have it. Sure, Jón Gunnar said, I’ll throw that away anyways. So I brought the door home to my rather primitive apartment building where I stayed in the washroom. I looked at the door the whole winter and thought what to do with it, to leave it as it was or do something with it. Then for no specific reason, I decided to brake a hole in the door. I painted the loose pieces in the primary colours and left them hanging in threads in the hole that had resulted from the vandalism. That was how it was exhibited in SÚM one. 

Later on a friend of mine asked to buy it from me, although he couldn't pay which was normal because we were all broke all the time. I agreed since I was very fond of him. Years afterwards I asked him, what about the door, where is the door? He replied “oh i threw that away a long time ago”.

In 1992 I made a reconstruction of the work for a retrospective show at the ICA Amsterdam which has been exhibited since then as a reconstruction of this particular work.